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The Siamese cats are elegant and graceful. They love their families and are loyal companions. Intelligent and playful, they make wonderful additions to your family.

Our Siamese are available in seal, chocolate, blue and lilac point.

GP Blakewood Moonshadow & GC Blakewood Willow
Littermate Lilac Points

GC Blakewood Heartlight
Blue Point

  • Kalinya Kwantus of Blakewood
  • GC Hiway Sgt Pepper of Blakewood

  • CH Hiway Typhaine of Blakewood, DM
  • GC Hiway Elise McKenna of Blakewood
  • GC Blakewood Elegant First Lady

GC Blakewood Some Enchanted Evening
& GC Blakewood MoonglowSerenade

Seal & Lilac Point Females

GC Blakewood Moonlight Serenade

GC Blakewood Moonlight Serenade
Lilac Point Female
CFA's Third Highest Scoring Siamese Kitten 2008-09

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